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Stop Feeling Overwhelmed.

Completely organize your home 1 day at a time.

In the six years I've been blogging I've received countless emails from readers saying the same thing-they want to have a clean, organized home but are at a loss as to where to start. 

They are overwhelmed with clutter and feel like they can't get ahead when it comes to organizing their home in the midst of their busy lives.

They are ready to give up and give in to the chaos.

This eBook is the Answer.

Bite Size Organize takes the guesswork out of organization. It breaks down the monumental work of organizing your home into 90 days of bite size, manageable tasks-most under 30 minutes.

What You'll Learn:

How to streamline your cleaning to spend less time doing the chores you hate.

How integrating a few simple habits into your day can dramatically transform your home and your life.

How to tackle those problem areas of your home where clutter collects

Learn the secrets of having an efficient and organized home and how you can too.

What's inside the eBook? 90 days of bite size tasks that slowly but surely help you to organize your home. Along the way you'll clean, purge and organize each and every room of your home-including the garage and your vehicles. You'll learn and practice new habits that make it faster and easier to keep your home in tip-top shape. You'll also receive over 25 organizing printables to help you keep track of your goals, your schedule, and your life!

About the Author

Hi there, I'm Melissa, the creator of The Happier Homemaker, a lifestyle website that has reached millions of people around the world. I love to share simple tips for cleaning and organizing, recipes for the everyday cook, and ideas for home decorating on a budget with my community of readers .

I am passionate about finding solutions to everyday problems and making modern homemaking easier. Today’s modern homemakers are working inside and outside of the home, balancing family with activities and outside obligations that leave them short on time.

With a focus on attainable goals and building good habits, I believe that anyone can create the organized, beautiful home of their dreams.