Spicy Bacon Avocado Grilled Cheese

bacon avocado spicy grilled cheese

My boys love grilled cheese sandwiches for lunch-we make them a few times a week at least.  I love a grilled cheese too but lately I've been wanting to try a more grown up spin on this classic and I've found a winning combination I wanted to share with you all-a spicy bacon avocado grilled cheese sandwich that's oh so very satisfying and won't make … [Read more...]

Easy Pizza Crescent Rolls

Pizza rolls recipe

Because we homeschool I am with my boys pretty much 24/7 and eat all of my meals with them.  We do a lot of the standard kid foods like peanut butter and jelly sandwiches, grilled cheeses, and wraps but every now and then I like to change things up with a special, fun little meal for them.  I've been making these little pepperoni pizza crescent … [Read more...]

Gluten Free Brownies

gluten free brownies

This past weekend we had some family in town to visit and I got a big reality check on just how difficult it can be to eat gluten free.  My step-dad recently found out he has a gluten allergy and while I thought I had the menu planned out well for the weekend to avoid gluten, once he was here I realized just how many foods have gluten containing … [Read more...]

Dark Chocolate Mint Oreo Truffles

dark chocolate oreo truffles

Do you know what I love? Oreos.  These little sandwiches of glorious perfection are my absolute favorite sweet treat.  So when the family asked me to whip up a little chocolate dessert for them the other day I used it as an excuse to create these ridiculously easy to make Dark Chocolate Mint Oreo Truffles.  Y'all are going to want to run to the … [Read more...]

Easy Pre-Made Smoothie Packs

easy smoothie recipes

I love having smoothies for breakfast or snacks-they are easy to make and an easy way to enjoy my daily dose of yogurt plus sneak extra fruits and veggies into my diet! When my boys started school a few years ago (before we started to homeschool) I came up with a really easy way to make my morning smoothies even easier in the hustle and bustle of … [Read more...]

The Best Classic Lasagna Recipe. Ever.

best classic lasagna

There's something about lasagna that makes it the ultimate comfort food, don't you think? So it only made since earlier this week when we were expecting our first snow of the season for me to make my favorite lasagna recipe.  This is the best classic lasagna recipe I've tried yet-thick and firm with flavorful meat sauce and plenty of cheese! This … [Read more...]

Homemade Texas Toast

howto make texas toast

I'm a carb girl-if it's bread or pasta, I'm all in! One of my weaknesses is a thick, buttery piece of Texas Toast...I usually make it any time we have spaghetti or chili for dinner.  I used to buy the frozen store versions but once I learned just how easy it is to make homemade Texas Toast I never went back! It's a money saver to make it yourself … [Read more...]

Best of 2014: Recipes, Tips, DIY and More!

best recipes diy tips 2014

Wow...can you believe it's almost 2015? I mean, where are our flying cars and robot maids (anybody else get my reference to The Jetsons from that?) This year has been amazing for this little blog-I've transitioned to career blogger and seen some amazing growth. Your support for this blog has helped contribute to our family and given me the freedom … [Read more...]

Apple Pecan Dump Cake

apple pecan dump cake recipe

The blog has been pretty recipe-heavy lately so if you're missing some DIY and tip posts please hang with me-I have just this one last holiday perfect recipe to share today as I know so many of you are finishing up your holiday menu plans! I'm a huge lover of dump cake...I love how easy it is to make and how you can change it up for different … [Read more...]

Gourmet Dark Chocolate Granola Recipe #DOVEfruit

dark chocolate granola

Granola is one of my favorite snacks to make-there are so many variations to try! I like to gift it as well-all packaged up in a mason jar and it's an easy and always much appreciated DIY gift idea! A few years ago I shared my basic granola recipe that I usually make but today I want to share an extra indulgent dark chocolate granola recipe … [Read more...]

Perfect French Toast-every time

perfect french toast recipe

We're big fans of a hot breakfast around these parts, and while my husband could eat bacon, eggs, and hash browns about every day I like to change things up a bit.  Waffles and pancakes make their appearances regularly but on extra special occasions I like to switch things up with this perfect french toast recipe-it comes out amazing every single … [Read more...]

Easy Dark Chocolate Toffee Recipe

easy toffee recipe

Ohmygoodness y'all....today's recipe almost didn't make it to the blog.  This dark chocolate toffee recipe was SO good, it almost got eaten up before I could take pictures! I intended this to be part of my Christmas gifts for family (I always bake for extended family) but I happened into the kitchen to get ready to take pictures and package it up … [Read more...]