Easy Microwave Caramel Popcorn

easy microwave caramel corn recipe

I admit it, I'm not a lover of popcorn {gasp!} My husband and three sons put down popcorn like it's their job and I never touch the stuff, that is, unless I splurge on some sweet caramel corn! This easy to make microwave recipe is not only fast but perfect for gifts or entertaining as well. Ingredients: 1/2 cup popcorn kernels, air popped … [Read more...]

Old Fashioned Chocolate Pudding Cake

chocolate goo cake

The recipe I'm sharing today is one of those you find all over the country in community cook books, under a few different names.  The most common name I've seen it given is Chocolate Pudding Cake, which is how I grew up referring to it but others call it Fudge Pudding Cake or Chocolate "Goo" Cake as well. Whatever you call it, it's heaven in a … [Read more...]

Easy Turkey Pot Pie Recipe

turkey pot pie recipe

Ah, turkey pot pie...this is one of those recipes that you really can't go wrong with-I love to make this for a fast weeknight meal. My boys especially like when I make this easy turkey pot pie recipe in small ramekins so they each get their own personal pot pie! There is absolutely nothing hard and fast about this recipe either. You can … [Read more...]

Homemade Chai Tea

homemade chai tea latte recipe

My husband has spent three years deployed in the Middle East and during his time there developed a love for Chai tea.  I love hot and cold tea but had never tried Chai tea until he introduced it to me a few years ago. I loved it of course and since we all know about my coffeehouse aversions (see my Starbucks copycat Pumpkin Spice Latte or Lemon … [Read more...]

Starbucks Copycat Lemon Loaf Recipe

Starbucks Copycat Lemon Loaf Recipe

After I shared my Starbucks copycat Pumpkin Spice Latte recently and shared that I'm totally intimidated walking into a Starbucks I got a ton of messages and emails from readers that felt the same! I had a few people ask me if I knew a knockoff recipe for their famous Lemon Loaf.  I sent my Starbucks-loving husband on a recon mission for me to get … [Read more...]

Pumpkin Pie Dump Cake

pumpkin pie dump cake

Please tell me you're not tired of pumpkin recipes yet, because this one is sooo good!  I'm a huge fan of dump cake. If you haven't had the glorious privilege of hearing about dump cake yet let me explain-it's basically an easy way to make a cobbler like dessert.  You usually add a base layer of fruit, sprinkle cake mix over the top then pour … [Read more...]

Reeses Peanut Butter No Bake Bars


  I try a lot of new recipes and my husband and three sons are always game for taste-testing my creations.  Every now and then I make something that gets an overwhelming reaction and these Reeces Peanut Butter No Bake Bars probably got just about the best reaction ever.  I mean, I had made dirt cake the same day and they were still asking for … [Read more...]

5 Amazing Pumpkin Recipes

5 pumpkin recipes

Confession: it wasn't until about 9pm last night that I realized I had no post set up for today!! I had been sooooo busy all evening (when I get most of my work done after the kiddos are in bed) because I'm posting my autumn home tour tomorrow and had been editing pictures like a mad woman. I do like to keep on schedule of Monday through Friday … [Read more...]

Perfect Rice Krispie Treats (it’s all about the Secret Ingredients!)

treat thumbnail

Have you ever made Rice Krispie treats and they were dry and hard and just nothing like the chewy sweet goodness you were expecting? Over the years my boys and I have perfected making Rice Krispie Treats and we've discovered that there are two very special secret ingredients that make them turn out perfectly every time! These are great for parties … [Read more...]

Homemade Beggin’ Strips and the Best Dog Ever

homemade doggie bacon strips recipe

I've done you all an injustice...you see, there's a very important member of the family who you haven't met, he's definitely not getting his fair "shake" (sorry for the bad pun!) His name is Bear but you can also call him The Best Dog Ever. Bear is a purebred golden retriever that was given to us in 2008 by another military family that couldn't … [Read more...]

Pumpkin Apple Butter Recipe

pumpkin apple butter how to make easy

You know it's September so it's all about apples and pumpkins around here and what better than combining the two? I am an apple butter girl-I prefer it over jam or jelly any day.  I got to thinking when making my Pumpkin Pie Dip the other day that I should try to add some pumpkin to my favorite apple butter recipe.  I don't do the crockpot … [Read more...]