School of Decorating: Renter Friendly Decorating Ideas

decorating ideas for renters

My husband and I like to joke that I was born to be a military wife....growing up I changed schools 12 times between kindergarten and graduation.  I somehow managed to attend 4 colleges as well before I met and married my husband (only one degree though!) I've never lived in one house longer than two and a half years. Yes, the nomadic military life … [Read more...]

Multipurpose & Homeschool Classoom and Homeschooling Update

homeschool classroom wall art

All over Facebook I'm seeing posts about everybody heading back to work and school after the holiday break and I thought it would be the perfect time for me to give y'all a little update on our homeschooling and show you the progress I've made in our multipurpose room.  When I last shared the multipurpose room it looked quite different.  After … [Read more...]

Christmas Home Tour 2014

close up hydrangeas home tour

I've been so excited to share the Christmas Home Tour this year on the Home for the Holidays Blog Tour (scroll to the bottom for the complete lineup-you won't want to miss the amazing blogs I'm lucky enough to join with this week!) We've made a lot of changes to the house since our last home tour-moving a lot of furniture around and rearranging to … [Read more...]

Serene Coastal Bedroom Reveal: Part 2

bedroom coastal blue and white

If you've been keeping up on our decorating progress in our new home you already can see that there have been two pretty big additions to the master bedroom in the last few weeks-my gorgeous oil painting finally arrived and we have a brand new ah-mazing headboard courtesy of Birch Lane. I wanted to create a serene, coastal bedroom-but first, let me … [Read more...]

Master Bedroom Reveal: Part 1

fast bedroom decor update cropped

When I first met my husband in 2004 it was just a couple of weeks after he had returned from a deployment in Iraq.  He had been there a year without leave, jumping into combat and for much of the year slept on the ground, small cots or on top of his vehicle hood.  That deployment has since been followed by two more years deployed with similar … [Read more...]

Autumn Home Tour 2014

painted pumpkins fall tour

I'm joining some of my favorite bloggers for an Autumn Home Tour this week! Decorating for autumn is one of my favorite parts of the year, especially because being a blogger gives me an excuse to decorate early! This year was an adjustment as it's our first fall in the Washington DC area...we're in a townhouse rather than our suburban home in … [Read more...]

The New Kitchen and Spotlight: Uncommon Goods

plant nanny

I've been avoiding showing y'all the kitchen. There's nothing inherently wrong with it, it's just not, well, my old kitchen.  Remember the old kitchen? Let's reminiscence for a minute:   She was a beauty.  Because we built the last house from scratch I was able to pick every finish and it was my happy place at the last house. Here … [Read more...]

Fun with Pattern: Our Family Room Reveal

mixing pattern

So last week when I shared my New Home Tour I mentioned that I wasn't quite ready to share the little family room that sits off our kitchen...well today is the day! This room really proved to be a challenge for us, it sits off of the kitchen and is awkwardly laid out-you can see an empty pic on the "before" home pics post. One side is open to … [Read more...]

New House Progress and Our Crazy Move

i'm a hoarder

I haven't been posting much this week because we've been hard at work here at the new house unpacking and getting settled.  I showed you some pictures last week of the new house before we got our furniture unloaded but what I didn't tell you was the crazy story of our move gone wrong! If you're not familiar with the military, I'll give you a … [Read more...]

New House Tour: The Befores

our new house

Hello all! As you probably know we moved this week from our home in North Carolina to the Washington DC area.  It's definitely a big change for us to move from the tiny suburbs in central NC to someplace so densely populated where space is at a premium! Just to refresh, our "old" house {still a little weepy about leaving} was on a half acre in a … [Read more...]

Spring Tour of Homes

close up spring mantel

Happy Monday morning! This week I'm joining some blogging friends to share touches of Spring in our homes! I've kept my Spring decorating pretty simple this year-with our upcoming move and the craziness of preparation I wanted to minimize clutter so I've added a lot of flowers and kept my palette pretty clean.  The mantel features my Pottery … [Read more...]