Spring Tour of Homes

close up spring mantel

Happy Monday morning! This week I'm joining some blogging friends to share touches of Spring in our homes! I've kept my Spring decorating pretty simple this year-with our upcoming move and the craziness of preparation I wanted to minimize clutter so I've added a lot of flowers and kept my palette pretty clean.  The mantel features my Pottery … [Read more...]

Homework Station Makeover

Homework Station labeled

Okay y'all...you know I posted my home tour a while back but I have to admit there were a few rooms that didn't get shown because they weren't quite "pretty" enough. Actually they are more like a whol-lotta-ugly! The worst of the offenders was our "tech room."  This is tiny space off of our mudroom that has two built in desks.  It's where we … [Read more...]

All About the Details: Blogger’s Kitchen Tours


Do you remember last month when I joined some of my favorite bloggers to share my home tour? Well this month we're back and sharing our kitchens-and it's "all about the details!" So without further ado, here are some of my favorite things about my kitchen...be sure to scroll all the way to the end of the post to see the other great bloggers sharing … [Read more...]

My Home Tour and Blogger’s Summer Tour of Homes

front porch

I know, I know.  How can I call myself a home blogger without having a home tour on my blog? {hanging head in shame} Well that's all being fixed today because I'm super excited to be part of the 2013 Summer Showcase of Homes.  You can see the full schedule at the bottom of the post to see the other 25 bloggers who are joining me in sharing … [Read more...]

Sitting Room Makeover

sitting room

I've been a bad, bad blogger.  I've been sitting on this huge change we've made in what used to be our dining room for over a month now.  I was hoping to get it totally finished before showing you but you know what-it ain't happening anytime soon so you're getting another "in progress" photo, albeit a pretty big change since the last time I showed … [Read more...]

This Little Piggy…or Our New Mantel Decor


When I was a little girl I loved going to my great-grandfather's farm on the weekends.  He lived in a gorgeous two story farmhouse in southern Virginia...one of those picturesque homes with the wrap-around porches.  There was a chicken coop in the yard, geese wondering around, corn and cotton fields as far as the eye could see. In the barn out … [Read more...]

5 Ways to Create a Spa like Bathroom Retreat


We all know what Sunday is-that's right, Mother's Day! That one day a year where we hard-working Moms get a little extra pampering! How many of you are like me and never get a moment alone? Not even in the bathroom? Little hands reaching under the door, screaming accusations of favorite-dinosaur-stealing piercing the peaceful silence of my … [Read more...]

What I’m Working On

so easy

Sometimes in the blogging world it can seem like other people are doing the impossible....making over entire houses in a weekend while homeschooling ten kids, cooking only gluten free vegan gourmet meals and looking perfectly stylish and hip at the same time. Yeah, not this lady. I try to plan my projects ahead of time and I love sharing the … [Read more...]

My Home Tour with dio.com

home tour

This post brought to you by dio. All opinions are 100% mine. Y'all are going to love me after today because I'm sharing the coolest site with you.  Seriously, I have been playing on this thing all week!  It's called dio and with it you can create an online "environment" of sorts, with rooms, entrances, exits, etc. I know, I know....you … [Read more...]

Bright and Colorful Toddler Nursery

montessori bed

When we first moved into our house last April I shared my youngest son's nursery with you.  I designed it using Montessori education as inspiration-we have always used a floor bed instead of a crib with Tommy, and I had purchased some IKEA Expedit shelving to keep things low at his level.  I was very happy with the nursery at first but over the … [Read more...]

DIY Patio Makeover Reveal

patio makeover

Finally! The pictures I've been waiting to share with you all for weeks (and you would have gotten them a good two weeks ago if the baby hadn't killed my laptop!) After I lost my original pictures we had an insane amount of pollen roll in and I had to wait for it to let up a bit so I could rephotograph the patio-but here it is! {eek!} I'm in … [Read more...]