Easy DIY Tissue Paper Flower Bouquet

DIY paper flower bouquet

Pin627 Share102 Yum Stumble56 TweetShares 785 I’m totally embracing Valentine’s Day lately to help me get over the massive void left from taking down my Christmas decor! When some blogging friends and I decided to join up to share a Valentine’s Day craft I knew exactly what I wanted to create-some DIY Tissue Paper Flowers!…

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DIY Glitter Star Garland

diy glittered star garland

Pin Share Yum Stumble TweetShares 0 I was recently challenged by Staples to create a #handmadeholiday craft with supplies from their store-to think outside the box of standard holiday lights and garland and get creative with my decorating-you know I had to take them up on it! I went out on Black Friday to pick…

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Christmas Tree Rice Krispie Treats

christmas trees rice krispie treats

Pin Share Yum Stumble TweetShares 0 We’re pretty big fans of Rice Krispie treats around here…I’ve posted my secret recipe for getting them to turn out perfectly every time as well as how we made Rice Krispie Treat Monsters as well. With the holidays in full swing my boys wanted to make Christmas Tree Rice Krispie…

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