Turquoise French Script Table Makeover


Hi everyone, this is Jen (aka Girl in the Garage) and today I have a bright and fun table makeover to share with you!  This vintage table started out very brown and neglected. First, it got a major color boost with Valspar Rushing Stream (a free paint sample I got at Lowe's). However it needed more than just a color update so I chose a French … [Read more...]

Fun with Pattern: Our Family Room Reveal

mixing pattern

So last week when I shared my New Home Tour I mentioned that I wasn't quite ready to share the little family room that sits off our kitchen...well today is the day! This room really proved to be a challenge for us, it sits off of the kitchen and is awkwardly laid out-you can see an empty pic on the "before" home pics post. One side is open to … [Read more...]

Vintage Chair Makeover with Chalk Paint


Hi everyone, this is Jen from Girl in the Garage and I'm thrilled to be sharing my first contributor post on The Happier Homemaker. (Thanks again Melissa!) My favorite kind of DIY project is furniture makeovers. I love taking a piece from the often old/ugly "before" to the awesome "after!" You can see my complete project gallery HERE. My sweet … [Read more...]

MidCentury Chair Makeover

midcentury modern chair update

A long, long, long, long time ago (we're talking 2012 here people) my dear ol' Dad chance upon a midcentury chair and desk set in his local Goodwill store down in SC.  Being the fantastic Dad he is he knew he had to pick it up for me and he spent, get this, $4 for the pair.  FOUR DOLLARS! Unbelievable. Anywho, I spiffed up the desk about a year … [Read more...]

Rustic $15 DIY Bench

cheap rustic bench thumbnail

Remember that little old table my hubby and I built early in the summer? The little Pottery Barn inspired turnbuckle table? Well, she {yes, she's a girl} needed a little accessory.  While she loved the beautifully spray painted turquoise and white chairs we had her paired with she felt alone.  In need of a rustic wooden partner in … [Read more...]

Homework Station Makeover

Homework Station labeled

Okay y'all...you know I posted my home tour a while back but I have to admit there were a few rooms that didn't get shown because they weren't quite "pretty" enough. Actually they are more like a whol-lotta-ugly! The worst of the offenders was our "tech room."  This is tiny space off of our mudroom that has two built in desks.  It's where we … [Read more...]

Refining your Style and a New Headboard

tone on tone stenciled wall

Had I known I was going to  end up a DIY blogger, I think I would have put a little something extra in my wedding vows.  You know, something along the lines of: "Do you hereby swear to tolerate your wife's constantly changing decor?" "Do you promise to smile and nod at her amazing decor ideas instead of vetoing them in favor of things that … [Read more...]

My New Desk with a Regency Update

new desk

A while back I shared with you my new home office.  I had been using an old dining table (that I made over with contact paper!) as my desk but to be completely honest it wasn't really working for me.  I needed storage-and lots of it.  I barely had room to work in the office because the desktop was always covered in, well...stuff. So when my … [Read more...]

Buffet to Media Stand Makeover

media stand buffet

So for a while now there's been a little situation in my house that has bothered me.  Like a lot.  I don't mention it much because I know a lot of us struggle with the same problem, yet many of us don't talk about it.  It's, well, this: This behemoth of a TV hanging over my mantel.  I'm not sure when or why this is all of a sudden the thing … [Read more...]

DIY Patio Makeover Reveal

patio makeover

Finally! The pictures I've been waiting to share with you all for weeks (and you would have gotten them a good two weeks ago if the baby hadn't killed my laptop!) After I lost my original pictures we had an insane amount of pollen roll in and I had to wait for it to let up a bit so I could rephotograph the patio-but here it is! {eek!} I'm in … [Read more...]

Gilded Bookcase Makeover-Wayfair and Hometalk DIY Challenge

ilded geometric bookcase side

When I was contacted recently by Wayfair and Hometalk asking if I was interested in participating in a DIY challenge I was so excited. You see, I have a bit of a stubborn personality and I love a good challenge to get creative!  The rules were simple, Wayfair gave bloggers three different items to choose from: a bookcase, lampshade, or mirror and … [Read more...]