Ultimate DIY Gift Round Up!

25 diy gift ideas

Today is all about DIY gifts-one of my favorite things to blog about! I've gathered up all of the fun ideas (that's over 25 DIY gift ideas!) I've shared over the past three years in one inspiration filled post for you, so if you're looking for DIY gift ideas this Christmas, look no further! Just click on any of the pictures below for the full … [Read more...]

DIY Gift Idea: Easy Sugared Pecans

easy cinnamon sugar pecan recipe

Remove My great grandfather had a farm in southeastern Virginia and I loved to go there with my grandparents growing up.  One of my favorite things to do was collect pecans from the large trees in his land. (I used Google Earth to find this picture of the house now, isn't it gorgeous?) I'd collect pecans and then sit with my grandpa … [Read more...]

Easiest DIY Gift Ever: Beer Bread Mix in a Jar

how to make beer bread mix recipe in a jar

It's almost embarrassing how easy and inexpensive this Beer Bread Mix in a Jar is, but it truly makes a great DIY gift idea when packaged up pretty with a printable recipe card! I thought of this gift after seeing a "Beer Bread Kit" at Target for a whopping $7.00.  Seven dollars for a two ingredient gift seemed a little much but I loved the … [Read more...]

No Sew Wine Bottle Wrap-A DIY Gift Idea

DIY tea towel wine bottle wrap

Holiday season is in full swing and along with that comes all manners of parties and events and the requisite hostess gifts.  I love bringing my hosts a bottle or two of wine and today I wanted to share an easy way to dress up those wine bottles with a no sew tea towel wine bottle wrap.  Not only will your host love the wine, they'll have a pretty … [Read more...]

DIY Autumn Cinnamon Spiced Candle

homemade fall scented candle

I love the scents of autumn-whether it's putting on a simmering pot or the smell of fresh apple bread baking-it's an easy way to lift my mood. This week on a particularly dreary rainy day I decided to make a scrum-delicious smelling cinnamon spice DIY candle and it was so easy I thought you all would enjoy trying one for … [Read more...]

DIY Shrinky Dink Wine Charms

diy shrinky dink wine charms

Just before our move in May I hosted a farewell for the leader of our spouse's coffee group (for my husband's military unit.) As a thank you gift, the guest of honor had created the cutest little wine charms for everyone and I had to grill her on how she did it...when she said shrinky dinks I was shocked! I had never thought to use shrinky dinks … [Read more...]

DIY Chocolate Mother’s Day Bouquet

dove mothers day chocolate bouquet tutorial

Hey y'all!! I'm back from my vacation and blogging like a wild woman-I have so many tutorials to share with you before I take another step back in two weeks while we move up to the DC area! Today I have a super fun and picture heavy tutorial for a DIY chocolate flower Mother's Day bouquet-because if there are two things we moms like it's flowers … [Read more...]

DIY Felt Bow Barrettes

diy felt bow barrettes

I may be a mom to 3 little boys but that doesn't stop me from dreaming up little girl crafts for all of my friends with daughters! A few weeks ago I made these cutey-patootey DIY felt bow barrettes for a friend and they were so fast and easy I knew I had to share them with you! Materials: Felt Hot Glue Gun & Glue Plain … [Read more...]