Eggshell Succulent Planter…Just Because

succulents in an eggshell
I was assembling a tutorial for a DIY Easter Egg Place Card for my weekly post over at the Bright Settings blog and my curiosity got the best of me.  Or maybe my creativity, or just silliness.  I had a struggling little planter of hens and chicks on my kitchen counter and before I knew it had plucked a few sprouts out and popped them in some eggshells.

little succulents
My boys were intrigued when they happened upon them. “Why Mommy? Why are the plants in the eggs?” they asked.  “I don’t know…because Mommy thinks it’s pretty” was all I could muster.  My husband was less curious and more exasperated. “I assume this is something for some pictures?” He knows that when something is purely decorative and maybe doesn’t make a ton of sense that it’s usually something that is going on the blog.

Because that’s what DIY bloggers do, you know.  We spend lots of time making things pretty, and sometimes we do things for no reason at all…other than to take a pretty picture.

eggshell with succulent in it
So while I don’t know why I felt the need to plop these little “chicks” in some eggshells, I do know one thing…I thought it was pretty.  And pretty makes me smile, and sometimes you just need a smile. Am I right?

Hop over to Bright Settings to see my Easter Egg Place Card tutorial, I promise it’s worth checking out.

Wishing you all a weekend of pretty and smiles!

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  1. says

    So funny I came across this today because I have some seedlings sprouting in my back porch in egg shells right now and was planning to blog post about it next week. You beat me to it and I love the pretty succulents idea. Fun stuff!

  2. says

    Your egg looks really pretty! Great pictures too! Guess our husbands probably do think we are a little crazy with all our tutorials and pictures. I just upgraded to a new phone and all my pictures that I have taken to make tutorials didn’t upload. I was sooo upset and stressed. I guess if your not a blogger you don’t understand. But good news, phone was bad and had to get it replaced the very next day that I got it, and was able to save my pictures. Thanks to iTunes, and for keeping my old phone.

    Sometimes I save my eggshells to plant my seedling then just crunch the shell and plant in the ground when seedling is tall enough.

    • Melissa Riker says

      That’s actually what I was setting the eggshells aside for Linda, but then I rethought it because we’re moving in May so I felt like I didn’t want to start any seeds this year due to the move. Love the “blogger problems” right? Hope you had a good weekend!


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