Wood Slice Wreath Valentine’s Day

wood slice valentine's wreath

Howdy y’all!  Before I even start the tutorial for today’s DIY Wood Slice Valentine’s Day Wreath I have to let you know I almost didn’t post it.  Here’s what went down….I had an idea for a wood slice wreath (inspired by this wood slice wreath from Pretty Hand Girl).  I painstakingly collected branches in the midst of a polar vortex, sliced them, and crafted my dream wreath.  As my family played in the front yard I ran down the stairs from my office, out the front door, and presented my creation in all it’s glory to them and proceed to hang it proudly upon the door!  Victory is mine!

I pull out my phone to snap a few quick pics before going inside to get my “fancy” camera for those blog-worthy beauty shots.  As I turn to hear my hubby’s forced enthusiastic admiration, I hear a bang and turn around just in time to see that the suction cup hook on my door has fallen and see my precious wreath shatter into a gagillion pieces on the ground.

Yeah, not a good moment.

BUT I did make it and I did take pictures to show you how so I have forced myself to come out mourning my little wood slice beauty to share it with you today!


saw (I used a Ryobi Miter Saw)
foam board
hot glue

branches wood slice wreath

I was lucky enough that my husband had a stockpile of branches by our backyard fire pit and after a little sorting and a few creepy-crawly incidents I found a couple of hardwood branches that were the diameter that I wanted.  And only a little wet.  And slimy.  Ick.

cutting wood slice wreath

Using my miter saw I cut the branches into 1/2″ slices, I cut 20 slices for my wreath.  It was helpful to lay my slices out on the ground in the heart shape to make sure I had enough slices for the size I wanted.

At this point I had to let my slices dry out for a week or so in my garage because they were thoroughly soaked from the horrible weather.

Once the slices were dry I laid them out on a piece of foam board.  I traced the outlines of the slices on the foam board then removed them and cut out the heart shape with a craft knife. Then it was time to break out the hot glue!

glueing wood slice wreath

To finish it off I just added a ribbon at the top and it was ready to hang (and ultimately meet it’s untimely demise!)

wood slice valentine's wreath

And yes, I do still have the slices and may in fact motivate myself to remake the wreath but I can’t make any promises!!

Be sure to stop by tomorrow when I’ll be joining some awesome bloggers to share a little something you can make to pamper yourself (or a DIY gift!)


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    • Melissa Riker says

      Thanks Desiree! I was so sad it broke, hopefully by time I get around to fixing it won’t be past Valentines!

    • Melissa Riker says

      Thanks Kelly! I can’t tell you how many projects I have that my boys or some other act of nature destroy after I make them! And thanks about the site-I had about two hours of intense stress trying to get it changed up but I love it now! Have a great weekend!!

      • says

        Yeah, I did that around Christmas time even though I didn’t see any critters beforehand I figured I didn’t want to chance seeing any, lol. The first time I did it because it had rained and my wood slices got wet, and I heard that was the easiest way to dry them out.


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