3 Places Germs are Hiding in Your Bathroom

gross bathroom cleaning tips

If you’re squeamish you may want to think twice about reading this post because it will make you want to grab the clorox and attack your bathroom! Today I’m sharing three problems in your bathroom you may not realize you have that will GROSS you out and how to fix them!

1. You use a Shower Pouf (and don’t clean it!)

I admit, until recently I was a die hard shower pouf user.  I even used them on my three little boys.  Then one day in the shower I happened to take a little glance into the depths of the pouf-in the center where it’s all tied together and this is what I saw:

grow shower pouf germs

In a previous life my job was to sit behind a microscope most of the day and as the recipient of many hours of microbiology classes in college I have to tell you I started to freak out at this point.  This is what you clean your body with right? How can it have nasty gunk in it-you’re rubbing it all over your body, and you know, your “parts!”

I did a little research and it seems my gut reaction was right.  Shower poufs are petri dishes for bacteria and other nasty organisms.  A recent Rachael Ray segment showed they harbor bacteria that can cause skin infections, conjunctivitis, and yeast infections. {Blech}

So what do you do? We have a few options here.  One, you can soak them in a 1:10 ration of bleach/water solution for several minutes and rinse thoroughly afterwards.  Similarly you can soak them in a 3% hydrogen peroxide solution for a few minutes and rinse.  My choice? I switched the entire family back to washcloths-cheaper and I have the piece of mind that I can wash them after each use.

2. The underside of your faucet

Think about your bathroom faucet-how often might you fill a water glass or drink from the tap, like oh, say when you’re brushing your teeth.  But have you ever cleaned the screen where the water comes out? Do me a favor and go wipe it off now with a paper towel.

sink after

I give it a 50/50 chance you’re going to come back to the computer totally grossed out.  Don’t ask me why but in my house only about half of our faucets build up grime on the underside…I can’t figure it out-mine does, my husband’s doesn’t.  My oldest son’s does, the younger boys don’t.  Our kitchen sink faucet does as well.

The solution here is easy-don’t forget to clean the underside of the faucet when cleaning your kitchen and bathroom sinks.  Easy peasy, and you’ll feel a lot better when rinsing that toothpaste out of your mouth!

3. The area 6-8 feet around your toilet

Many of you may have heard of this one before but it bears repeating.  If you do not close the lid of your toilet before flushing it you are literally covering your bathroom up to 6-8 feet up and out away from the toilet with small particles of toilet water and fecal material.  How’s that for yuck factor.  Think of everything you have surrounding your toilet-toothbrushes, eyeglasses, bottles of lotion, heck, even the fixtures themselves.


How do you prevent this disgusting spread of germs? Simply closing the lid reduces much of the spread.  To contain the rest wipe down the bathroom regularly (think a few times a week) with a cleaner containing bleach or other antibacterial solution.  Oh, and consider moving your toothbrush to a drawer or medicine cabinet for storage.

So….are you grossed out? All of these probelms are pretty yucky but easy peasy to fix.  Don’t say I didn’t warn you!

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  1. Tayla says

    Ever since I read that about toilets, I freak out when I see one without a lid. I shudder every time I use a public restroom. I don’t even want to know how dirty those are (><)

  2. Michele says

    Ewwww!!! It always grosses me out that our bathroom is a 4×6 closet of a room…with the sink counter so close to the toilet that I could turn the water on and off if I wanted to. Blech!


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