DIY Hand Soap Gift

diy handsoap in a mason jar

Have you noticed that I’ve been sharing a lot of gift ideas lately? This one was actually my husband’s idea-he asked me a while back if there was a way to make our own DIY hand soap so I started doing research to figure out how to do it.  There were a lot of tutorials out there and a lot of different methods but here is how I make mine.

diy hand soap supplies


Bar Soap-choose one without additional moisturizers for best results

Boil one gallon of water in a large pot.

how to make soap

While waiting for the water to boil grate the bar of soap into a large bowl.  (Am I the only one that is petrified I’m going to accidentally grate my fingers when using a cheese grater? I swear, I have a complex about it.  I ended up using a knife to slice the bar of soap into thin slices once I got half way through the bar.)

tutorial for making soap

Add the soap shavings and 2 tablespoons of glycerin to the boiling water and stir until all the soap melts.

Remove from heat once all soap is melted and allow to cool overnight.

The mixture will thicken to, sorry about this, the consistency of snot.  I really cannot describe it any other way! If I was a Hollywood producer who needed snotty special effects, this DIY hand soap would be perfect. Bleck.

diy handsoap tutorial

Moving on…

if the mixture is lumpy just give it a good stirring.  If you use soap with too much moisturizer (don’t use Dove, it won’t turn out) then add more water and stir vigorously to thin. Spoon into containers.  I used a cute little mason jar dispenser I made using this tutorial because, really, everything looks better in a mason jar don’t you think? (If you don’t want to make your own there are also tons of options on Amazon too!)

diy handsoap gift in a mason jar

There you have it! I think these would make adorable teacher’s gifts or hostess gifts, or just fun to make for yourself to save money and add a little cuteness to your life!


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  1. Terri J says

    Hand (or home) made gifts have always had a special place in my heart, as I have always thought about the labor of love that the person who made something for me, put into it. Thank you for sharing some of yours w/ us, and you bet, I will be following this one for a few people in my life, such as my younger sister, who is a teacher!

  2. says

    Did you find anything about making shower gel? I read about using coffee grounds in your shower gel for exfoliating (and bonus the caffeine helps with cellulite because it tightens the skin) and wanted to make my own shower gel gifts,

  3. Mary says

    I used the lavender Yardley soap bar to make the liquid hand soap & let it sit overnight as instructed. It surely is the consistency of snot! Should it be lumpy? Stirring does help, but should I add water & warm it up some? Also, it’s not very sudsy when washing hands & is very stringy. Can anything be done about this?

  4. says

    Hi! I was just wondering what colour of paint you used on the soap pump and lid of the jar? Is it a metallic brown? Also, was it just spray paint?



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