Autumn Mantel

neutral autumn mantel

So I asked last week on Facebook and Twitter how long I should leave my football themed mantel up and lo and behold I think my three boys heard my question and decided to answer it for me by tearing it halfway down that same day! I went ahead and removed everything so it wouldn’t get destroyed-I’m saving that baby for a Super Bowl reprise!

It was sheer luck that I received a delivery the next day of ornamental pumpkins I had ordered so I could get starting creating an autumn mantel.  Our local stores don’t have pumpkins out yet but I saw Jane over at Cottage at the Crossroads mention on Facebook a place called Autumn Harvest which ships pumpkins, corn, and other fun decor items so I bought myself a box of miniature white pumpkins.

auumn fall mantel

These little pumpkins were the inspiration for my mantel.  I’m a lover of all things neutral and started gathering earth toned accessories from around the house to play with. The cute lanterns I bought from a high school friend Leah of Leah Inspired, they are amazing-you can see them in my dining room in this post too-I have a huge one as the table centerpiece!

autumn mantel close neutral

I thought it was cute to add pumpkins inside the lanterns and also on top of some antique silver candlesticks that I have been storing away for far too long!

autumn mantel neitral boxwood wreath

The wheat bundles and boxwood wreath were bought at Save on Crafts-I’d been adoring this store’s website for about a year now and finally made my first order-I’m very pleased with the quality of their items so far and the prices were great!  I layered vanilla satin ribbon over burlap ribbon to hang my wreath over the mirror, I love the contrast in texture! Varying the texture is the key to using a monochromatic or very neutral color scheme without being boring-and nobody wants a boring mantel!

What colors are you decorating with this autumn? Right now I’m loving this neutral scheme but I think I might add in some orange a bit later in the season.

neutral autumn mantel

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  1. says

    Ooooo! Wheat things! I’ve been wanting some of those wheat things! Actually I’m kicking myself now that I didn’t just make my own this year before all the wheat got harvested off of the fields around our house this summer. Love your neutral mantel!

  2. says

    I haven’t started my fall decorating yet but had brought everything down from the attack. You post inspired me to get a move on. I love the neutral color, am thinking of going neutral myself after seeing your pics. Good job!

    • Melissa Riker says

      Thanks so much Jodie!! I’ve been obsessed with neutral lately. My husband even bought me flowers last week and got all white ones because he said he noticed that’s what I’ve been putting everywhere! (he’s a sweetie!)

  3. Crystal says

    I love those wheat things!! I’m going to have to check out that site to get them. They are so pretty! Your mantel is perfect for the beginning of fall. It’s subtle yet very classy! I love it!! The pumpkins in the lantern and on top of the candlesticks is genius. You did an amazing job!!

  4. says

    Hi, this looks wonderful. I love the way ou Yanks Croats with wreaths throughout the year – we only do Christmas as a nation (how dull). I wanted to decorate for Easter this year, but we a tally ended up bringing home my newly adopted daughter on good Friday – far better!


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