Autumn DIY Chalkboard Art

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It’s fall y’all!  I hope you’re inspired by today’s project because I had so much fun with this one!

I was sent some Deco Laminate to play with (job perk!) and create a project with.  Duck Brand® Deco Laminate is available in 20”x10” rolls and comes in 5 prints: zebra, giraffe, multicolor polka dots, blue chevron and wallflower. Not to mention they have dry erase, chalkboard and holographic designs as well! Here’s what arrived on my doorstep last week:

I had some fun patterns, whiteboard, and chalkboard laminates to choose from.  I decided to focus on the chalkboard for today’s project although I’m sure you’ll see the others popping up in my crafting in the coming months cause this stuff is fun!

I had a frame I had purchased for a previous project and decided to make a chalkboard with it.  It was a cheap $4 frame that I had already given a coat of Rub n’ Buff to-it really jazzed it up!  I took the glass out of the frame and cut my chalkboard laminate to cover it plus an extra half an inch on all sides to accommodate shrinkage and folding over the edges.

The backing of the laminate peels off very easy.  I positioned it over my glass and smoothed from the center outward.  If there are bubbles or ripples it’s very simple to peel that section and resmooth.

I then drew out my chalkboard lettering with a fine tip chalk pen.  I had made “faux” chalkboard art last year using black foam board and a white pen but this was way easier because I knew if I made a mistake I could simply wipe the chalk off with a wet paper towel and fix it!

It was so much fun I made a Halloween version too! I used more of the chalkboard laminate to cut out some creepy little spiders with my Cricut too-it worked wonderfully with the Cricut so that pretty much makes the possibilities endless when it comes to crafting with this stuff! (By the way, my husband hates spiders, he had an “incident” with a camel spider on his first deployment to Iraq and he did NOT like these little guys I cut out…I see some practical joke potential here, what do you think?)

Thanks so much to Duck Brand for sponsoring this post-you can follow them on Twitter at @DuckBrand for lots of fun and inspiration!

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    Such a great project. I love the gold frame for Halloween…so chic! I have been addicted to chalkboard vinyl for years…so much easier than paint. I only wish they made wider rolls!


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