Easy Grandparents Day Craft

grandparents day craft

Grandparent’s Day is Sunday September 8th and since we live away from our family I wanted to make a craft ahead of time to mail to the boy’s grandparents.  I had some leftover scrap pieces of MDF from my DIY Canvas Wall art that have been sitting in my craft room and I knew I could turn them into something cute (because that’s what a crafty hoarder does right?)

I was lucky enough to get the chance with the new line of paints out by DecoArt-the Americana Multi-surface Satins and they are ah-mazing….seriously, these paint glide on like butter and cover beautifully.  I painted my MDF scrap with two coats of the Multi-surface Satin in White Birch…I love this color, I’ve already used almost a whole bottle of it because it’s such a pretty pale nuetral without being stark white.

grandparents day gift tutorial

After the White Birch was dry I carefully had each of my sons put their handprints on the wood from smallest to biggest using the Multi-surface Satin in Dolphin.  I let it dry again and the contrast was just a little too much for me, I was afraid my lettering would not show well enough so I took a wet foam brush and a tiny bit of the White Birch paint and sort of “white-washed” over the handprints to tone them down a bit.

When that was all dry I got out my Americana Classic Stencils in Whimsical Delight and Funky Flair.  I used the Whimsical Delight on the “World’s Best” portion of the sign and the Funky Flair on the “Grandparents” part.  I used a foam brush to do my stencilling (with the Multi-surface Satin in Lipstick-love the paint color names!) but you could also use a stencil brush.  The key to getting a good stencil result for me it to make sure I always blot off my paint before applying it.  So I load my pain onto my foam brush then blot most of it off on a scrap surface before moving over to the actual stencil. If you use too much paint it will bleed under the stencil and it really takes so much less than you think it will!

grandparents day sign

I had a few “oopsy” spots that I corrected with a fine tip paintbrush and I also hand painted the apostrophe and exclamation mark. When the paint was dry I attached some cute red polka dot ribbon to the back with a healthy dollop of hot glue and my sign was finished!

I think the grandparents are going to love it and the boys were excited to send it off-the perfect mix of crafty and sentimental I think!

Y’all should totally pick up some of those multi-surface paints next time you’re at the store. (Americana Multi-Surface Satins are available for purchase at Michaels, A.C. Moore, Hobby Lobby, and other fine craft retailers.) Plus they have a super awesome rebate going on right now! (See below)


Thanks so much to DecoArt for sponsoring this post-I received product to craft with but as always all opinions are my own!

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