Fabric Scrap Necklace and Bracelet

Fabric Scrap jewelry

Are you a fabric hoarder? I have a hard time throwing away any bits and scraps I think I might find some use for in the future, even if they crowd my craft room drawers and sit for years.

A few months ago I started trying to think of ways to use up those scraps and this is the first way I tried-making a DIY fabric scrap necklace and bracelet (aka the easiest jewelry craft ever.)

fabric scrap necklace

To begin I cut three 1/2″ wide strips of fabric one yard long (for the necklace, use aabout half that for your bracelet).  I tied one end in a knot and clipped to a clipboard.  At this point I fondly reminisced about all the hours I spent making friendship bracelets in elementary school….but I digress.

Now the next step is super hard and you may not be able to pull it off without advanced crafting skills.

Braid the fabric.  Yes, I know, very complicated.

When you have 4-5″ left tied the fabric just as you did on the opposite end taking care to tie the knot small and securely.

finishing fabric scrap necklace

At this point if your fabric has a lot of strings hanging off you may want to trim them, I like to leave a few short ones.  To join the two ends simply tie the leftover fabric from one end to the knot at the starting end, again tying tightly.

trim fabric scrap necklace

If you have too much fabric hanging off your knot trim it down and you’re ready to go!

All of the steps are the same for the bracelet, just shorter fabric!

Fabric Scrap jewelry

So what do you think? Would you sport some fabric scrap jewelry? Do you have a fabric stash too?

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