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patio refresh

Are you tired of outdoor projects yet?

I hope not because I feel like I’m on a roll! I’ve been stuck inside all winter and now I’m ready to get outside and I want a pretty place to enjoy all this nice weather!

Waaaaaaay back when this was a tiny little newborn baby blog I posted about my patio furniture I bought at World Market.  I searched high and low for the perfect pillows and created a nice serene beachy type look (at our old house).

Then we moved here and I shared that our white cushions had not fared well and I showed you how you could spray paint fabric and make the easiest pillow covers ever-and we ended up with an Americana vibe going on!

Well, as you can tell by now I’m fickle and I wanted a change yet again so this year I decided to do my transformation with minimal investment since we all know I’ll be lucky if I don’t change it up again before the summer is through!!

I bought some Solarium fabric in cream and covered the bottom cushion in the same hot glue manner I did my no sew bench cushion.  Yeah, that’s right…I didn’t sew them.  Sue me.  We all know they’re going to last all of two weeks before they are stained and bleaching never works for me.  Plus I was able to order a ton less fabric than if I had attempted to sew them and I’m not all that sure I would have managed to pull off sewing a slip cover anyways.

pool furniture

I used the same fabric for the pillows that I did on the back patio (sources in that post) and made the covers using the same pillow slipcover tutorial I shared last year as well. All in all I spent $50 on fabric and that included the pillows I made for the back patio too.

We’re not entirely sure of where we’re going to end up putting the furniture around the pool but for now we kindof have it shoved up on the concrete so our newly placed sod can grow.  It’s an evolving plan like always, but I love the look of the new fabrics and how bright and colorful it is…plus it ties into the fun fabrics on the back patio!

bellini close up

What are your favorite colors for outdoor decor? I’m really into brights this spring in case that wasn’t obvious!

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