Contact Paper Desk Makeover

desk makeover contact paper

Do you remember when I shared my original plan for my office/craft space and I showed you the bare bones picture of the room after I moved my four year old’s things to his big brother’s room?


See that table there, all disassembled on the floor.  Yeah, that was what I was working with for my work surface in the new office.  I liked the clean lines but to be honest all that dark wood looked much heavier than I thought when I first created my inspiration mood board:

Screen Shot 2013-01-17 at 11.10.35 AM

My first inclination was to paint the legs white.  But hubby quickly vetoed that (could it be because I’ve already painted the dining room table twice in the past four months and still am not happy with it?)

Soooooo….I had an idea while at Walmart the other day-what about removable white contact paper? Ding-Ding-Ding! I had to give it a try!

This was a trial and error process.  I first tried to wrap the legs and tabletop base while the table was assembled and it turned out horrible.

contact paper Collage

I realized I need to be able to wrap the entire leg with one piece and try to hide the seam along the inner corner of the leg.  So the table was disassembled.

The key for me to get a good result was to lay my contact paper down on the floor with the backing removed then place the outer corner (most visible) of the leg in the middle and smooth from the center to the outer edges with a gift card to remove air bubbles.  I took my time and the result was exactly what I wanted!

contact paper table Collage

So, one more time, before:

before contact paper table

And after!!

desk makeover contact paper

I’m finishing up the final touches on the office this week and will share the full reveal with you as soon as possible-I’m so unbelievably excited by how it has turned out!

Would you try a temporary furniture makeover with contact paper?


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  1. says

    Whaaaa? That’s TOO COOL Melissa! See I would have never, ever thought to do that (WalMart does not inspire me….) I think I need to go shopping with you one day. Your desk looks fabulous and your office is looking beautiful!

  2. Sheena says

    I love it!! I have a desk that has the clear coat and I have been unsure about painting it. I’ll have to remember this idea.

  3. says

    It looks so much better with white legs and apron! It’s certainly a creative solution. How would you compare it to painting? If you had another table you wanted to do a makeover for, would you opt to this solution over painting? I’m going to pin this. Never know when this technique may come in handy in the future.

    • Melissa says

      Overall the process was faster than painting and gave me a non-permanant solution. If my hubby would have let me paint I probably would have gone that route but he really didn’t want me to so this was a great alternative! You can tell up close it’s contact paper so if you’re the type that would be bothered by that I’d stick to painting.

  4. says

    That is amazing! I would have never thought of it, but it really is a perfect idea if you have an old piece that you are afraid to paint…but want a change! Way to go :o)

  5. Ania says

    I love peel and stick! I rent, so I don’t get to re do the right way. I have to be able to have everything temporary and easily cleaned up.

    I just re did my entire falling apart, water damaged chip board kitchen cabinets, the color of poop, with black leather contact paper from Home Depot. Black high gloss latex paint finishes, candy apple red details.
    $30 at the most! Wish I could show some pictures!

    Love your legs!


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