Valentines Day Printable Tags


I admit it.  I’m the mommy who is the “candy police.” The mommy that sends her poor kids to school passing out pencils on Halloween instead of candy.  The Mommy who is debating sending crayons for Valentine’s Day and wondering whether it will sentence her son to kindergarten shunning for failing to contribute to the collective sugar high.

But what if the crayons were packaged in a cute little kraft bag? And tied with a colorful ribbon holding a pretty little printable Valentine tag?


Maybe we’ll add a little candy.

If you’d like to be the “candy police” too you can download and print your own Valentine Printable Tags!

Click here to download your own Valentines Day Printable Tags
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  1. Rachel Paul says

    I love it! And I have to admit, I have done it before. I melted all of our old crayons and made heart shaped crayons. The kids get so much other candy, I think they hardly remember who gave them something different!

  2. says

    No way!! I’m totally doing crayons too! We were going to do bubbles, but Kennedy wants to do those little melted crayon hearts. I already have the mold, so why not? I did not, however, have a cute printable for it. Until now! Thank you! I don’t think kids are let down by the lack of candy, I think it’s fun to get a little something to play with too for them. It’s something different!

  3. Crystal says

    I love it!! Kids get so much candy and this would be something they can play with. The printable is too cute!! The kids will love it!

  4. says

    Thanks for posting these! We just made a batch of heart shaped crayons the other day and I was trying to decide what kind of valentine to put with it do this is perfect! Thanks I will be using these!

  5. says

    Don’t feel alone!! In my house I am the candy police. I finally gave into giving my son a little bit of candy to get him to pee on the potty, but I only had to do it for maybe a week then I just held out for the big number 2 – which he didn’t even notice. I tried everything before candy, but I folded under pressure and it worked! Now he goes without any insensitive…other than mommy gets really upset when she is cleaning dirtied underwear…’whatcha doin’ mommy?!’ as I look at him with disapproval. Where do we go potty…?!

    I agree with your struggle for valentines day – I just give one sucker per kid and call it good. – I found this recipe and am thinking I will make my own this year to atleast control what goes in them – .

  6. says

    I’ll see what my 2nd grade boy thinks of this idea for his class party! His school has a NO CANDY rule! So I’m always looking for something different to do instead of candy. I bought a lot of crayons before school started when they were a quarter so I have enough to do this. Thanks for sharing!

    • Melissa says

      I only wish my son’s school had the no candy rule! I feel like he comes home at least once a week hopped on cupcakes for someone’s birthday or with candy for some sort of special occasion!


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