DIY Dinosaur Lego Birthday Party-Favors

This past weekend we held my son’s sixth birthday party at our home.  When I had asked him what theme he wanted he told me he wanted a “dinosaur lego party.” Huh? Dinosaurs I can do, Legos I can do…I wasn’t entirely sure what to make of the two combined!

I did my best to combine the two themes and here was what I came up with for my favors for the kids.

lego chocolates

I ordered silicone molds in the shape of lego men and lego bricks.  The boys and I together made chocolates using the molds.

To make the chocolates I bought melting chocolate in the cake decorating section of the store.  I emptied the bag into a heavy duty plastic bag.  (Be sure to check the box-it will say whether it is microwaveable or not.) Follow the chocolate melting instructions.

making lego chocolates

Once the chocolate was melted I snipped a hole in one corner of the bag and used it to fill my molds.  After the molds were filled I tapped the molds to help any air bubbles at the bottom to escape (this is important!) Let them cool until hardened and pop out of the mold.

lego crayons

After we made all of the chocolates we decided to use the molds to make our own crayons for favors as well.  We used took the paper off of two boxes of dollar store crayons and I used an utility knife to slice the paper on each crayon.  The boys then busied themselves removing the paper and breaking the crayons into pieces.

making lego crayons

We filled the molds with the crayon pieces and pooped the molds (on a cookie sheet) in an over at 325 until they were fully melted.  Carefully remove from the oven and let cool until solid.

I packaged the chocolates and crayons up in little cello bags for the kid’s goodie bags…I was sure to include a crayon in the crayon bag-didn’t want the kids to accidentally try to eat a crayon thinking it was more chocolate!

Be sure to also check out my DIY Lego pinata, the dinosaur lego cake, and the fun dino-themed activities I planned to keep the kids busy during the party!

mop it up mondays

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  1. says

    Awesome! This is a great idea because it’s totally copy-able for whatever themed birthday party you’re doing. Where in the world did you find lego candy molds?

    • Melissa says

      That’s right, your boys are crazy into legos aren’t they? We’re going to need an IKEA trip soon to get some new organization!

    • Melissa says

      We’re still new to the Lego hysteria, he hasn’t discovered Ninjago yet but with three boys I think those molds were a good investment for me! Thanks for stopping by!

  2. says

    I have the same lego molds and I was wondering, can you re-use the molds after you used them to make crayons with? My son’s birthday is coming up and he requested an “ocean lego” party (I can do ocean, and I can do Lego, but this.. well, i’m in the same boat you were in). I thought of making lego crayons but I wasn’t sure wether or not the molds would be reusable again. Thanks.


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