Praying for Connecticut

This weekend I had to talk to my five year old about guns and how to protect himself in an emergency.

I had to talk to him about bad men that come into schools and hurt children.  About what gunshots sound like and where to hide if he heard them.

It hurt my heart to have this conversation.  But it had to happen.

This morning my stomach is in knots as I get him ready for school.  Taking a few extra moments to linger while combing his hair, straightening his tie.

Ever since the news on Friday I’ve been in a constant state of prayer.  I forget for a few moments as daily life goes on but then I remember again and my heart screams out for the families of Connecticut.  I wish there was anything I could do to ease their pain but I know….I cannot.

So I pray. And I try to stay in the moment with my own three little ones…cherishing the small moments that other families had torn from them.

And just pray.


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  1. Terri J says

    Melissa, I believe you have the right attitude about this great tragedy. All we can really do is cherish every moment we have w/ our loved ones and pray, pray and pray for the families and victims.

  2. Delfina says

    I share your feelings and experience to the letter. This is devastating. Connecticut’s children are our children. Praying, praying for the families and survivors.

    • Melissa says

      Very true Delfina…I don’t think there is a parent out there that doesn’t feel the pain of those parents in Connecticut. My heart literally hurts for them. I just keep praying because there doesn’t seem to be anything else I can do.

  3. says

    It is a hard conversation to have, but it is also more important to help your child feel safe. Be sure to reiterate over and over that this was an isolated incident far away, and that HE is SAFE. Teach him to be prepared, but let him know that he needn’t live in fear.

    HUGS. It’s hard to be a parent and know how to truly protect our little ones. But I know for sure, it’s most important to cherish them and give them the most secure and loving home life as possible. They need to know that the world is not bad.

    • Melissa says

      I was nervous to talk with our son about it Jamie but we made sure to talk very few details, and not to show our own fears. He did not seem to dwell on the tragedy, he focused on the survival portion-told us he would play dead like an animal, etc. and so far has not seemed to think of it again. At his age (almost 6) I’m not sure how much he can “grasp” it…we just wanted him to hear it from us, not someone at school and to go over what to do in that kind of emergency…hide, play dead if you can’t hide…seems like such a crazy thing to have to talk about. {sigh}

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