Free Children’s Thank You Printable

I am a stickler for writing thank you notes. Seriously. I’ve been known to stop sending presents to relatives that don’t acknowledge receipt. Some of you may think I’m too harsh but in this day and age of email there really is no excuse to receive a gift and not at least send a quick note to the gift-giver that you received it.

Now for me personally, a hand-written thank you note is the way to go…yeah, I’m old school like that.  It’s how my mother raised me and it is how I intend to raise my boys.

That being said the boys are 1, 4, and 5 so writing a ton of thank you cards isn’t going to happen just yet.  So I made these printables for them to fill out when they receive gifts.  You’re more than welcome to download and print your own-just click on any of the images to go to a printable pdf! I made three versions, I hope you like them!

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  1. says

    I always have my boys write thank you notes as well! It’s so important to instill in the kiddos early on, and everyone is always so thrilled to get a thank you note! These printables are adorable Melissa!

  2. says

    Love this idea! My parents made me write thank you notes for any gfts or money before I could use or play with it; and that’s something I plan on passing down to my own kids someday; and these templates are just too cute! Pinning for my “someday” (:

  3. says

    {Melinda} Great idea … and such a help for busy mamas who are trying to teach their kids to do the right thing. I’ve had good intentions many times, but my follow through hasn’t always been so great. Tools like this are a big help.

    • Melissa says

      Thanks Melinda! I haven’t always followed through either which is why I made the printables…easier than trying to force them to write or draw pictures on their own!


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