Delicious Pairings…

You know you’re a mother when a trip to Walmart alone feels like a vacation.  Well, that’s exactly what it felt like to me the other day.

You see, a certain one year old in my house decided to flush an entire roll of toilet paper down the potty. Which led to flooding, and giant fans, and a generally unpleasant home environment.

So there I was.  In the midst of chaos. And so I headed me, myself, and I to Walmart for a solo shopping trip to pick up a few Christmas gifts and no-cook breakfast items (due to the whole destruction in the kitchen thing).

My first stop was the bakery…I needed a little sweetness in my life.  There were so many goodies but I thought some cinnamon rolls sounded perfect for a cool December morning. I picked up an extra to have my oldest son take to his teacher Monday morning.  He’s in Kindergarten and I can’t imagine the patience it takes to wrangle 20 five year olds all day-I thought she might need a little sweet surprise too!

While in the bakery I noticed the Starbucks Delicious Pairings display…love me some Starbucks but I don’t buy coffee out often, I hadn’t really ever thought about brewing their coffee at home.  In the coffee aisle I found the Starbucks Holiday Blend and picked it up to give it a try.

The next morning bright and early I brewed my Starbucks while listening to the hum of fans, then settled into a little retreat in the dining room with my coffee and cinnamon rolls.  The coffee was good.  Let me tell you.  The coffee has notes of pumpkin, cinnamon, nutmeg, orange, ginger, and cloves and you really can taste all of those flavors…it’s like pumpkin pie with a little spicy kick to it.  Delicious.  It was even better with the cinnamon rolls, they complemented each other perfectly.  For a moment, just a moment, I could forget about the craziness of life and relax.

To go along with the Cinnamon rolls for Jack’s teacher and teacher’s assistant I decided to make up a little coffee gifts as well.  I bought premade Starbucks gift sets at Walmart but took them apart and put an extra bag of Starbuck Coffee and a gift card in each-they deserve it! I tied it up with a pretty coffee-colored ribbon. I planned to send it in with the cinnamon rolls I bought but someone got into them when Mom and Dad weren’t looking so I’ll be waiting until my next trip to pick up replacements before sending it in! I want them to taste the Delicious Pairings together just like I did!

Since this is my son’s kindergarten year it’s my first really making teacher gifts…what do you think, will they like it? What kind of gift do you usually give your children’s teachers-or if you’re a teacher what do you like to receive?

Disclosure: I am a member of the Collective Bias® Social Fabric® Community. This shop has been compensated as part of a social shopper insights study for Collective Bias™, as always all opinions are my own. #CBias #SocialFabric

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