Tips to Perfectly Decorate Your Christmas Tree

Image via Alan Cleaver

Okay, so yesterday we covered how to pick the perfect live Christmas tree and today we’re going to cover how to decorate it!  I have always decorated my home for Christmas the day after Thanksgiving.  I love Christmas decor so much its often hard for me to wait that long but I manage to force myself so as not to crowd out Thanksgiving! This year I’m going to share my journey decorating my tree with you right here on the blog next week.  But in the meantime, here are a few tips for how you can get a picture perfect Christmas tree!


Always choose Christmas lights with wires matching the color of your tree-for traditional trees choose lights with green wires, for white trees choose lights with white wires.

Don’t just string the lights around the outer edges of your tree branches-working from the inside out, bottom to top work lights from the trunk to the outer edges and back as you go around the tree.  This gives the tree a greater depth when lit.

Use enough lighting-plan on a 100 light strand for every foot of tree.


Start at the top of the tree and wind garland downwards around the branches.  Small, more lightweight garlands look wonderful draped delicately between branches while larger, wider garlands such as wide ribbon look best loosely wound around the entire tree.


I like to begin decorating my tree by placing our favorite, most sentimental ornaments on the tree first.  I place them in good position (albeit out of reach of the tiniest hands) so that I can see them when I admire my tree.

Once you have your sentimental ornaments placed start placing your largest ornaments evenly around the tree and work your way down in size. Be sure to use a variety of sized ornaments and place them both at the ends and middles of the tree branches.  Avoid placing all ornaments at the same depth on the branches…placing them at varying depths adds interest to your tree.

Finish your tree off with any specialty decor like tinsel or clip on lights.

I’m signing off for the rest of the weekend to enjoy time with my family, Happy Thanksgiving to all my American friends!

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