Guest Post: DIY “Fancy” Dish Gloves

Y’all are in for a treat today-my fellow military wife Dawn from Designed by Dawn Nicole is guest posting with a tutorial for a great gift idea that even beginner sewers can create (I’m going to attempt this myself so you know it requires no advanced sewing skills!!)

Hi! I’m Dawn. I’m an Air Force wife and mom of three little ones four and under. I love cooking, crafting, running, and sewing…and blogging about it all over at Designed by Dawn Nicole. I’m excited to be here today sharing a sweet and simple handmade gift tutorial with you. With a little bit of fabric and ribbon, you can turn to a plain pair of rubber gloves into boutique-style “Fancy” dish gloves. They’d make an adorable Christmas or hostess gift, especially when paired with a nice dish and hand soap.

DIY Fancy Dish Gloves

And they make doing the dishes and cleaning so much more fun. Ok, not really. But you will looker cuter while you work! :)

DIY Fancy Dish Gloves

What You’ll Need to Make Your Own:

-One Pair of Rubber Dish Gloves (I got this Turquoise pair from Target)

-1/2 yard fabric


-Hot Glue Gun or FabricTac Glue

-Fray Check

-Sewing Supplies (a regular needle will work fine on the thin latex)

DIY Fancy Dish Gloves

Start by measuring the circumference of the opening of your gloves. Mine measured 10 inches around. You want to double that measurement and add 1 inch. This will determine the length of your fabric (21 inches for mine) and the width will be 6 1/2 inches. Cut two strips of fabric in this size (21 inches x 6 1/2 inches).

DIY Fancy Dish Gloves

Next, fold one strip of fabric in half lengthwise and iron. Then open it up and with right sides together, pin the short ends and sew with a 1/4 inch seam. This will form a tube. Then fold your fabric back in half along the crease you made as shown below.

DIY Fancy Dish Gloves

Now we’re going to ruffle the fabric along the raw edges. Set your machine stitch length to long (usually 5.0). Without backstitching, baste all the way around leaving a few inches of thread at the beginning and end. Pull gently on the bobbin thread to ruffle your fabric until the tube is about the same size as your glove opening. With raw edges together, pin the ruffle to the top of the glove. Sew with a 1/2 inch seam. After making several of these I found it worked best to use a longer stitch length of about 4.0 to easily sew on the latex and gently help it along since the latex is a bit “sticky”. Then serge or zig zag around the raw edge.

DIY Fancy Dish Gloves

Flip up your ruffle and topstitch (using a 4.0 stitch length again). Finally, I hot glued ribbon right over the topstitching and glued a little bow in the middle to cover the seam of where the ribbon begins/ends. Then apply a little Fray Check to the ends of the bow. Repeat for the remaining glove and you’re all done!

DIY Fancy Dish Gloves

DIY Fancy Dish Gloves

Thanks so much to Melissa for having me today! For more ways to connect, you can also find me on Facebook, Twitter, and Pinterest.

Thanks Dawn!! Aren’t these great? I think they would make a fab DIY Christmas gift, or even a housewarming present!

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    • Melissa says

      Thanks Beth! I’m not a huge fan of sewing but Dawn’s tutorial makes it seem do-able, I am definitely going to try this for Christmas!

  1. says

    Oh my… these are so darling and would be an awesome gift for someone! My best friend loves to clean and I know she wouldn’t be offended if I gave her this!

    • Melissa says

      I think these would make a wonderful housewarming present packed in a basket with some nice soaps and hand lotion. We all have to clean and might as well look cute doing it, right? Thanks so much for stopping by Katie!

  2. says

    Those are adorable! I might actually clean my house more if I had something that cute to wear while I was cleaning:) Stopping by from TT&J.


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