DIY Magnolia Garland

I’m not a nature girl.  I dislike being cold, bugs, getting dirty, pretty much all the thing being out in the woods entails. I’m a sit on the couch with a fuzzy throw blanket and read kind of girl. But nevertheless I braved the wilderness to gather magnolia leaves to make this wreath.  And I loved it.  And I wanted more.

burlap magnolia wreath bow pottery barn

So I again braved the wilderness, I mean the empty lot next door to my house-all the while convinced I saw snakes, spiders, and other such creepy crawlies out of the corner of my eye.

I clipped and gathered to fill this wagon with magnolia branches.  Twice.

And made myself a little huge garland.

diy magnolia garland christmas decor leaves

My husband was giving me the “smile and nod at the crazy blogger wife” look the entire time I sat on my front porch wiring together the branches one by one with floral wire.  He even dared to tell me he didn’t like it and to just buy something to hang up.

But then a neighbor walked up and asked me where I bought the “beautiful swag” I was hanging.

I smiled at my husband…he’s obviously not my target audience.

So what do you think? Too much? Magnolia overload? Or just right?

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    • Melissa says

      Thanks Courtenay! I think start to finish it was about two hours…I just worked on it while the boys played in the yard, it went by quickly!

  1. says

    Pshhh, Nate does that all the time. “I hate it, stop” and then BOOM. Blog explodes. Our dudes need to realize that we know what we’re talking about- he is slowly learning to trust me.

    I think it is sassy! Who doesn’t love greenery with the holidays?

    • Melissa says

      Thanks Donna! I’m not sure how long it will stay green. I’m hoping through New Year’s but my plan is that if they brown I’ll spray paint them gold!

  2. says

    I think that it is very beautiful. Men – they don’t know anything about Women! That’s why I don’t have one anymore! HAHA But it is still lovely.

  3. says

    Tis gorgeous!

    Morgan told me he thought I had lost my mind when I painted my piano green… and I’ve gotten nothing but compliments on it.

    I have since decided to ignore every opinion he has on decorating… It just makes me happier! Haha!

    • Melissa says

      Oh my Gwen, my hubby is one of strong opinions…on everything! But he’s starting to realize that I might have a good idea every now and then! 😉

  4. says

    What a nice job you did. I am the same kind of girl like you, but if I had a magnolia tree nearby I would def. go out and get me some. Thanks for sharing

    • Melissa says

      Thanks so much Delfina! The picture doesn’t do the “wilderness” justice. Seriously! What freaks me out is a ton of pine straw on the ground and fallen branches-I’m convinced creatures live in there just waiting to bite me when I take a step!

  5. says

    Magnolia leaves are so perfect for making a wreath because the stems act as little handles and allow the wire a place to be. The leaves can last until New Year’s Day. I love your project here Melissa even though in my place is hard to find magnolia leaves but still I wanted to make one.

  6. says

    LOL!!! Melissa you are so funny! I get the “smile and nod at the crazy blogger wife” thing from my hubby too. :-) Your bravery in the “wilderness” paid off big time because the wreath and garland are gorgeous! Thank you so much for sharing them at Inspiration Friday!

  7. says

    It was worth every single minute of your time. It’s gorgeous and I am so jealous. I love magnolia and especially at Christmas time. We had a huge tree in our front yard but unfortunately it had to be cut down. But I was blessed, and a tiny seedling came up on the edge of the woods and it’s now about 10 feet tall. In a few years I may be able to cut on it, but in the meantime I have a very nice neighbor who lets me trim her tree. That beautiful wreath you made would cost a fortune in a shop. I love it! Enjoy the season…xoxo Lynn

    • Melissa says

      Thanks Lynn! I love magnolias, we lived in Italy for a time on a fourth floor apartment and had an enormous one just next to our balcony…I loved to sit out there and feel as I was up in the tree…especially when it was blooming! Have a wonderful day!

    • Melissa says

      Thanks Cassie! I need to get back to some furniture projects so I can come link up on your site!! After the holidays I have a few plans! 😉 Have a great weekend!

  8. Judi says

    Props to you! I love when you can look at something and use it in different way. Creative and unique.:-) My husband use to go with me to a garage sale or shake his head when I ask him to stop at a trash bin and help me load broken table or rusty bin! After i’d do my magic on it and put it back into the house,he’d ask,That’s cool,where did you get that from? I proudly say,It’s that piece of trash we picked up and you rolled your eyes at ! He has learned to just go with it and load it up for me now! Ha ha ( Now I even have him looking at things for me to make things out of. ) Keep it up and keep creating!


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