DIY Mail Sorting Station from a Fence Post

DIY mail sorting station fence post repurposed upcycled rustic pottery barn

Are you organized? I consider myself a pretty organized/clean person but my husband is mega-almost-OCD organized.  Its a good thing because he keeps our house in tip top shape when he’s home…but when he’s not I may let things get a little cluttered.  Okay, a lot cluttered.  But can you blame me? Running around after three little guys keeps me busy!

This last time he was out in the field for a few weeks I decided I needed a better system for keeping track of our mail.  I’m always nervous I’ll miss a bill or important document that needs attention when my hubby is away.  I found these awesome metal buckets on Pick Your Plum (affiliate link) a few months ago so all I needed to do was build a base.  My scrap wood pile in the garage is getting sparse but I did have a few fence posts I bought at Lowes a few weeks ago (for only $1 each I knew I could find a use for them!) so I figured they would do the trick.

build oyur own diy mail sorting station fence post stain cut wood

I cut the wood into three pieces and used the smallest piece as a base to hold the two larger pieces together.  I then stained it with Kona wood stain.  Once dry I coated it with polyurethane and added a few nails to hang my metal bucket on.  Chipboard letter labels finished it off.

I’m thinking this will go on the wall in the tech room where I have our filing cabinets and desktop computer but I’m intending a bit of a makeover on that room coming up so we’ll see!

Do you have a good system for keeping track of mail and other things that need attention? I’d love to hear how you handle your important papers!


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  1. Lucy farmer says

    This is adorable!! It would look so cute in my Hansel and Gretel house!! I’m going to add it to my list!! Going to pin now!!

  2. says

    Love this Mellissa!! You know your hubs mega-almost-OCD thing is an Army trait!!! My hubs has it too! We need to talk – haha!! Love the color of stain you chose too 😀


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