Dipped Votive Holders

Okay, surely you’re starting to notice the new dip-dyed trend making waves? I’ve seen dip-dyed scarves, stools, glasses…the list is endless! So of course, I had to make my own version! I found some 50 cent glass votive holders and pulled out my favorite DIY tool-spray paint-to make these cute, frugal little votive holders.

To create the dip-dyed look I taped off the top of the candle holders.  I primed one because I was using Krylon QuickShots in Gold Leaf which does not include a primer in it.  For the other it was a one shot deal because I used Krylon Dual in Gloss White which is a paint and primer in one.  (I’m not being paid for this post-just happen to consider myself a spray paint aficionado and am explaining my methods!)

Now, I will admit that the taping thing did not work as well as I had hoped.  The line was uneven after I removed the tape but I improvised and scraped it even with a utility knife-too easy!

I love that I was able to customize them to match my remade clearance rack lamp, and that they were so easy (and cheap!!) to make! You could really change them up to match any decor and they’d make a great Christmas gift!

Are you feeling the dip-dyed trend? Have you made anything dip-dyed yet?

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    I do love these votives! I’m a tea light nut, I always have between 50 to 100 stashed somewhere in my house, so I can definitely see myself making these adorable votives! I love the gold one, it turned out really classy. There are a ton of ways to use this method and I love that we don’t have to settle for plain old boring see through glass votives anymore… :)

    Thanks for sharing and for the reminder about the primer, I would not have thought of that.



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