Spray Painting Fabric

Oh yes, you read that title correctly….you can spray paint fabric.  Over the past few months I had been desperately trying to figure out how to handle this situation with my patio furniture:

While I love my World Market patio set I must have been thinking crazy when I ordered white cushions last year because they quickly went all to heck with the dirt and grime of three boys and a dog!  Replacement cushions were $$$ and my aversion to sewing left me reluctant to make my own covers.  Y’all….I even cut them open on the back so that I could take the fabric off and wash them.  It helped.  A little.  For a few days.

Anyways, during a late night google search I happened to come across the answer I had been searching for: Spray It New’s Simply Spray Fabric Paint.  Seriously.  It is spray paint made for fabric.  Like, really made for fabric.  Not some mixture to concoct with fabric medium, this stuff is actually absorbed into the fabric and leaves a dyed surface-no crunchies whatsoever.  I was all over this.  I had to try it.  And so I did!

I decided the Navy Blue Upholstery Paint would be the best option for the cushion.  Maximum camoflage for future stains and it will look just dreamy next to that pool we’re putting in this month.  You should have seen me rip open that box when it arrived! I immediately went and laid out my cushion and got to spraying.  Here it is after the first coat.

I had to admit, I was feeling a little nervous at this point.  This is a large cushion and it was looking a bit streaky.  I was worried it was going to turn out looking like old 80’s denim but after {many, many} coats here is the end result!!

I am so tickled with how it turned out! What do you think??

Okay, back to the paint…here is my no-holds-barred low down on using it:

1. Overall it is fantastic.
2. It took me a LOT of paint to get the deep non-streaky look I wanted.  I anticipated needing two cans for the one large cushion and it took four.  I could have used a fifth and will probably end up ordering an extra can just to get the few little spots out that I can still tell aren’t even. Its still cheaper than a new cushion!
3. I found the best way to use it was to spray continuously.  Whenever I stopped and then when I started back up I got some splatters which I then had to rub into the fabric to fix (which required stopping and starting again-eventually I learned to stop and start away from the cushion!)
4. The little trigger hurt my finger like crazy.  Small price to pay though.


Disclosure: I was not financially compensated for this post. I received a sample for review purposes. The opinions are completely my own based on my experience.

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  1. says

    This is awesome! I have seen some fabric spray paint at JoAnn’s before but completely forgot about it until I read your post. I already have a project in mind! :)

  2. says

    i would like to try burgundy or plum. i have never used something like this before. this would be a lot of fun to do for i have a couple of things i have been aiming to recover and it would be a lot easier to paint than to make new covers.

  3. says

    Wow – thank you for opening my eyes to this product! We have quite a few pieces of patio furniture that we love, but the cushions are so faded! I cringed at the thought of the cost of replacing them and was afraid that fabric paint would be crunchy and gross. Definitely thinking about trying this!

  4. says

    Get a $10 sheet set from WalMart. Available in a variety of colors. Save yourselves the time, mess & Clean up. I can’t even contemplate taking the time to paint my own fingernails! If you’re like me you’ve got Stains, Kids, Pets and bills.

  5. Amanda Estroff says

    I would love to try this. It is such a difficult decision between the Navy and the Burgundy. I also love the thought of the Plum for a rocker chair I have that I used when my son was born, but now use to read.

  6. says

    That turned out great! I never realized you could spray paint fabric :-) My favorite color is probably their Sage Green.

    Thanks so much for sharing this at The Fun In Functional!

  7. Ellen says

    By now you probably know you can buy a cheap little gizmo that fits over the top of a spray paint can and turns it into a trigger sprayer. Home Depot has them, but you can probably find them plenty of places. No more paralyzed finger.

  8. says

    So cool, love it! I have never heard of that paint.
    I am going to have to try it….I have some beige furniture cushions on my screen porch just begging for some color!

  9. Priscilla says

    Does the paint get on you or your clothes when you sit on the fabric that has been painted? Is there a suggested cure time? Just curious. It sounds amazing, but I can just imagine having the paint come through and stain your clothes or skin. Please let us all know. Thanks!

    • Melissa says

      Priscilla we’ve had it for months and months and never after it was dry has any paint come off or stain anything-we have a pool too so we’ve sat on it with wet clothes. It really doesn’t bleed or stain anything we’ve seen!

  10. says

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  11. Amanda says

    Hi there! Love this project and need to do it with my patio furniture…I am wondering how it has held up since you did it quite a while ago! Thanks

    • Melissa Riker says

      Hi Amanda, it actually has held up fine although the second year I chose to cover the cushions to change my colors on the porch, it had nothing to do with the fabric paint though!

      • Chuck says

        How did painting affect the “feel” of the cushion? Did it change the texture? I am curious how it feels against your skin, like sitting on it with shorts on or without a shirt. Would your skin be more likely to stick to it?

  12. says

    Hi Melissa—-I have a tip I hope will help your sore fingers when you spray. There’s a small plastic nozzle-attachment, kind of like a pistol handle, that snaps onto the tops of spray paint cans, you hold it like a household cleaning spray bottle & spray your paint in a smooth,continuous movement; makes it verrrrrry easy to do. I have arthritis and cannot squeeze the button on a regular spray paint can for more than a few seconds at a time, this spray attachment saves me all the way around. The best part is, it’s super cheap,less than $4 at your local DIY/home repair store. Get one and see what you think, I know it’s made a HUGE difference in my home decor rehabbing. I always buy two or three at a time because they do tend to go after about twenty or so uses.

    • Melissa Riker says

      oh my goodness, I need that…I just did my first spray paint project of the year and my finger is still sore!

  13. Shelly says

    I live in a country that doesn’t have the luxury of Michaels or JoAnn’s, and definitely no Walmart. I have Ace Hardware and they don’t even carry most items you could find in the states. Do you think this could work with other paints as well?? Maybe another type that would not wash out and not be stiff to sit on??Anyone have any ideas??

    • Melissa says

      No Chelsea, the paint never washed off on anything after it initially dried-we had it for 3 years and never had an issue!

  14. Shiloh says

    Hi, When you say four coats, does that include the bottom of the cushion or did you just spray the top and sides? I am trying to estimate how much I would need to spray a jacket. Thanks!

  15. says

    Sounded exciting until I clicked on the link to see about purchasing the paint. The cost of a pack of 6 cans (this post used 5 but needed 6 on one cushion) was advertised at a sale price of $57, with an additional $7 shipping. I’ve seen new cushions in home improvement stores for far less.

  16. Eugenia says

    You can buy an attachment for a spray can at HD or Lowes. Just clip it on the top of the can and you can spray easily. The one I have works with all cans that have the standard spray button but does not work with cans that have the low, flat button. I haven ‘t looked yet to see if there’s an attachment that works on them.

    • Melissa says

      Sorry you didn’t like it Sal…if you had read my post you would have seen that the fabric I spray painted was not removable from the large cushions that I had that were stained. So putting it in the washing machine was not an option. I appreciate your kind words and feedback though. Merry Christmas.

  17. Marlene says

    Wow – this is genius – however, for 6 cans (which might do 2 of my chair cushions – maybe) would me $100.00 plus shipping – so do do for chair cushions – $200 + – lets say $250 with taxes and shipping. I can get some pretty decent new cushions for half that… LOVE the idea, but I think I’ll pass (and your cushion looks amazing)

    • Melissa says

      Are you outside of the US Marlene? In the US it’s about $10 a can. I’ve seen it for less in my local Walmart craft section as well but the color selection is pretty limited. I’m not sure outside of the US though-shipping spray paint is always a pain so that may be the reason for the higher price.

  18. Brenda Cotton says

    I love how compact this sprayer is. My boyfriend does professional painting and his industrial sprayer is sooo heavy and clunky. Also, the fact that this one does not require an air compressor is so handy! I might have to convince him to get one of these for his “smaller projects” {but then really just use it for MY home DIY projects ;). Thanks for sharing!

    • Melissa says

      It’s called Spray it New and it’s linked to in the blog post above if you have trouble finding it, you can get it on Amazon and I’ve seen a few at Walmart in the craft section.


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