Easy Spring Wreath

One of my first pins on Pinterest was this gorgeous wreath by Dara Marie at TeachCraftLove:

When we were out visiting the new house this past weekend I was thinking about how I wanted to handle the half-glass front door.  I had considered frosting the glass for more privacy but then I remembered that gorgeous wreath and thought I’d try my hand at making my own version.

I chose not to put the house numbers on my wreath like the beautiful inspiration wreath because they are prominently displayed on our home but I’m really loving how the wreath turned out.  It was super easy to make too!

To make the wreath I bought seven stems of faux white hydrangea and one stem of blue.  At Michaels the white stems were $1.99 and the blue was $6.99 so it came out to about $20.

After clipping the long stems off I needed to attach them to the wreath base but there was a tiny problem: I had already packed my craft supplies for the move so I could not use floral wire or hot glue to attach the stems! So I did what any good Army Ranger wife would do: improvise! I found some garbage twist ties and they worked perfectly (at least temporarily!) Incidentally I remember nagging asking my husband why in the world we needed to keep all those twist ties in the junk drawer recently….guess I know now!

I can’t wait to get into our new home next week and see the wreath up on the door-not bad for $20, right?!


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    I love your blog – you have some really amazing tutorials and I could be on here for hours! I actually just posted a spring wreath roundup on my blog and included yours in it. By the way, I prefer it without the numbers as well :)



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